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Sponsor Logo Archives

Do you have a corporate sponsor for you team but don't have their logo in camera ready or vector format? Our artwork dept has over 1,000 sponsor and corporate logos archived in vector format. These logos are already formatted for production and require no additional artwork charges. Please note these use of copyrighted or trademark images may require permission from the copyright holder. Official sponsorship status or use of permission may be require on official company letterhead.

Please email us to check if we have your sponsors logo in vector format.

Cycling Advocacy / Industry Affiliations

Listed below are links to several of the cycling industry affiliates and cyling advocacy groups we proudly support. These organizations promote and increase awareness for cycling at all levels. Typical issues include establishing better cycling infrastructure, maintenance of public bike parks & paths and advocating the public regarding the health, transportation and environmental benefits of cycling for both communities and individuals. We support these organizations with donations, membership dues and volunteer hours.

America Bikes
International Mountain Bicycling Association

Cycling Chamois Overview

CoolMax Silver Chamois Lining

Ask any regular cyclist and they will tell you that cheap cycling shorts will probably deter you from riding more than any sub par component on your bike. The main reason for wearing bicycle shorts is for the padded chamois insert. Basic chamois cycling shorts provide padding in the right areas but fall short when the miles really start to add up on a longer ride. And we all know that when comfort starts to become an issue we are all less likely to ride.

While chamois are designed to wick away moisture and provide padding in the seat area, well designed cycling chamois will reduce friction and eliminate chafing. A well engineered chamois will provide the right amount of comfort and keep saddle sores in check. We have identified 3 key features that separate a well engineered chamois from a basic design:

   1. Proper padding in key areas to reduce road & trail vibration.
   2. 3D shape that's anatomically designed to match shape of the rider.
   3. Consistent moisture wicking.

Our Chamois

Our chamois feature a 3D anatomic design with 4-way stretch and multi thickness / density padding for proper fit while riding. They also feature a CoolMax Silver top lining which has imbedded silver ions to fend off germs and help wick away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable. Our chamois fit ergonomically with the body and are designed to hold up on long rides for years to come. Through our 5 star survey testing our chamois have received an average rank of 4-1/2 stars for shape, 4-1/2 stars for comfort and 4-3/4 stars for wicking performance.

Homegrown Cyclewear Chamois


Multi density / multi thickness padding.

Anatomic 3D shape w/ 4-way stretch.

CoolMax Silver antimicrobial top layer.