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Cycling Uniform Fabrics

Cyclewear Fabric Features

Originally cycling jerseys were made from wool as it was the natural fabric of choice of the time period. Wool was durable and soft but bike riders quickly overheated in this fabric. Modern cycling uniform fabrics are constructed of synthetic materials such as wicking polyester and poly/spandex blends. The newer synthetic fabrics do a much better job of wicking heat and moisture away from the body keeping riders cool and comfortable. These cycling fabrics also allow for a tighter fit for better aerodynamics. Today 100% moisture wicking polyester and poly-spandex are the industry standard in cycling fabric.

Our Cycling Jerseys & Shorts Fabrics

Dry-Flexx II
100% polyester wicking fabric with advanced technology designed to wick moisture & sweat away from the body for quick evaporation. Also features an antimicrobial treatment for low odor.

100% polyester wicking fabric with advanced technology designed to wick moisture & sweat away from the body for quick evaporation. This fabric has a soft feel with a small amount of stretch.

100% polyester woven wicking fabric with ultra soft feel. This fabric has a slight texture with moisture management to wick sweat, keeping you cool and dry.

100% polyester snag free wicking fabric with slight sheen. This fabric has a soft & semi-slick like feel with proven durability and performance.

92% polyester / 8% spandex pin dot mesh fabric with 4-way stretch for increased mobility and wicking performance. This fabric is mainly used in the heat zones on our race and club cut jerseys.

PolySpan 88
88% polyester / 12% spandex odor resistant blend features 4-way stretch for ease of movement and moisture management to wick away sweat. This fabric is the standard for bicycle shorts.

Sponsor Logo Archives

Do you have a corporate sponsor for you team but don't have their logo in camera ready or vector format? Our artwork dept has over 1,000 sponsor and corporate logos archived in vector format. These logos are already formatted for production and require no additional artwork charges. Please note these use of copyrighted or trademark images may require permission from the copyright holder. Official sponsorship status or use of permission may be require on official company letterhead.

Please email us to check if we have your sponsors logo in vector format.

Cycling Advocacy / Industry Affiliations

Listed below are links to several of the cycling industry affiliates and cyling advocacy groups we proudly support. These organizations promote and increase awareness for cycling at all levels. Typical issues include establishing better cycling infrastructure, maintenance of public bike parks & paths and advocating the public regarding the health, transportation and environmental benefits of cycling for both communities and individuals. We support these organizations with donations, membership dues and volunteer hours.

America Bikes
International Mountain Bicycling Association