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Sublimated Cycling Uniforms | Bike Jerseys | Shorts

Most modern sublimated cycling uniforms, bike jerseys and shorts are made from a process called dye sublimation. Dye sublimation has been the standard decoration method for custom bicycle jerseys and shorts for over 25 years. The sublimated cycling apparel process is very different than how most textiles are made. The dye sublimation process converts liquid dye into a gas which penetrates into the very core of the fabric. The dyes are permanently bonded to the molecules of the fabric. The uniform pattern, colors and logos are all dyed directly into the fabric before the jersey or shorts patterns are cut out. This method opens up a wide range of decoration possibilities that cannot be achieved with traditional decoration methods.

Cycling Sublimation Machine

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Even though dye sublimation is the standard decoration method for cycling apparel not all sublimation is the same. There are 2 key aspects that go into premium cycling apparel:

1. Inks

The most important aspect of premium custom cycling apparel is the sublimation ink. Products made with premium inks look spectacular out of the box and last for years to come. We are proud to use top of the line inks in all of our cycling apparel items.

2. Fabric

Often overlooked, fabric plays a critical role in the sublimation process. A fabric specifically designed for sublimation will form an impenetrable bond when matched with the proper sublimation ink. Check out our cycling fabric page for all the fabric choices and features we offer.

It’s a pretty simple recipe. Premium level fabrics matched with premium level inks make premium level cycling apparel.