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Ordering Steps

STEP 1: Request A Quote

  90% of our customers request a quote via email. Quotes can also be given by calling into 888-907-2263. An itemized estimated will be sent via email or fax. The initial estimate typically gives an overall ballpark cost for the order. The quote process can be starting by visiting our Request A Quote page.
(estimate sample)

(OPTIONAL) Order A Sample Fit Kit  

Sample Fit Kits   We offer several different fit kit options available. These fit kits require a deposit that will be refunded upon return of the samples. Please see our Sample Fit Kit page for more options. This step is optional but recommended for 1st time buyers.

STEP 2: Finalize Estimate  

  A finalized estimate includes the complete breakdown of sizes. All custom artwork will need to be supplied at this time. Once the estimate is updated it will be emailed back for review. Many times the finalized estimate will change the overall price slightly based on the total number of items or any additional artwork charges.
(finalized sample)

STEP 3: Payment  

Once the estimate has been finalized it can be paid for. Please check out our customer service link for details on the payment methods accepted and custom order terms etc.

STEP 4: Paid Invoice/Receipt  

  Once the order has been processed a paid invoice/receipt will be emailed. The order will be temporarily scheduled into production at this time.
(invoice sample)

STEP 5: Proofs  

  Once the order has been processed our artwork/graphics department will start generating the proofs. Approximately 95% of the time we are able to send a proof of the design. There are a few exceptions where proofs are not possible. Please contact us for more info.
(proof sample)

STEP 6: Proof Approval  

After the proofs are emailed they must be approved. Occasionally tweaks will be made to the artwork / design to suite the customer's requirements. Fabric samples can be sent on orders over 50 pieces. Once the final proof is approved the order will be green lighted for production and no further changes can be made.